Tuesday, July 19, 2011

update GESAC/Bailey Reserve carpark extension approved

In a disappointing decision at last night's meeting Councillors voted 5/2 to approve the proposed $450k GESAC(glen eira sports aquatic centre)car park extension into Bailey Reserve Bentleigh resulting in the loss of approx 1400m2(two house blocks)of public open space and the relocation of the present childrens playground.

I spoke of the need for a new Open Space strategy in Glen Eira (see prev post) that would define, value and plan for public open space- and would hopefully prevent ad hoc decisions like this where at the 11th hour and before a facility is even opened a demand is placed on our parkland.

Last year Council purchased two house blocks in Packer Park to improve, expand and complete the park frontage on Oakleigh rd.
Cr Tang correctly identified that this extension would break up Bailey Reserve in two and was at odds with the reasoning behind Council's previous decision in Packer Park.


  1. Lets not forget the CEO's plan to swindle Packer Park and residents out of the bowling club land around the same time as acquiring the the two house blocks. Had it got through it would have led to a net loss in open space at Parker Park and in Glen Eira.

    You are right about the add-hoc nature of the councils actions when it comes to public open space planning, sell it, bitumen it, put a building on it, but protect it never.

    I thank yourself and Cr. Tang for pointing everyone in the right direction. With two against six there wasn't more you could have done.

  2. Councillor Pilling, Your reported comments at the last Council meeting bring some sense to this extraordinary tale of planning incompetence. This build, on a neighbouring Council's border in a municipality of nearly 40 sq.k, with little public transport access, looks so extravagant. The stealth of more open space is another issue. I ask that all Councillors take responsibility for tracking all financial aspects of this whole project and keep ratepayers informed in an open and transparent manner. Thanks for the chance to comment.