Friday, June 26, 2009

E-WASTE - improving recycling in Glen Eira

E-Waste , electronic waste that includes such items as computers and TVs is becoming an ever increasing problem across all municipalities. With the digital age coming many more thousands of items in Glen Eira will continue to be collected as hard rubbish, ending up in landfill.

The issue of e-waste going in to landfill is not just the concern about toxins leaching into the ground and ultimately the water table or the amount of space e-waste occupies. Research shows that using recycled materials (plastic, metals, etc) produces up to 80% less carbon emissions than processing virgin materials.

Several of our surrounding councils do recycle their e-waste and I feel Glen Eira should too. I understand there are a number of ways of doing this but the preferable one is to separate ewaste on collection , store and engage a commercial recycler to collect. What is collected is broken and separated down so that at least 95% of the ewaste is recycled.

I will be requesting a presentation be given to council in the next few weeks from an organisation like Sustainability Victoria that will inform and educate on the latest developments and costings on this issue. Hopefully this will lead council to support an ewaste recycling scheme

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Chief Executive Officer and The City of Glen Eira- the position and the future

The Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Glen Eira, Mr. Andrew Newton's five year contract will finish in April 2010. Provisions under the Local Government Act states Council must vote and give notice to either re-appoint or advertise his position in the six months before this term ends.

The CEO is the most senior role in the administration and the only one that council has the responsibility to appoint.

I believe that this position should always be advertised at the end of each contracted term. This should help to deliver to the residents of Glen Eira the best possible CEO through an open and transparent process.This is what our community deserve.

Renewal and change are an important part of any organisation and The City of Glen Eira should be no exception.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CAR - LESS in Glen Eira - on your BIKE!

On a lighter note many would recognise my red commodore around the neighbourhood ,it having been a regular on the election circuit these past few years.

Over the past months it has been increasingly showing signs of old age wear and tear to the point where it has been assigned to the great car recycling plant in the sky- After the 23/6 I wont be replacing it , can get access to four wheels now and then for those election drop-offs and kids taxi service.

Instead will be investing in a quality cycle and saving money and approx 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you have thought of taking action on climate change, now is the time. Drought, bush fires, floods and rising seas are already hitting hard. It's an emergency and we need emergency action. The Greens are one of the organizations supporting this nation-wide Rally.

Start: 1.00 pm, State Library, cnr La Trobe and Swanston St. March to Treasury Gardens. We can tackle the recession and climate change together. Direct investment in renewable energy will create jobs, stimulate the economy and begin to create the carbon-free economy of the future.
· 100% renewable energy by 2020
· Green collar jobs not job cuts
· A strong international agreement with climate justice for all
· Don't pass the Carbon Pollution law
· Protect Australia's Forests
Only a strong and growing movement for change will make a difference.
Come with your friends and family to the Rally on June 13th. Help promote the rally in your community.
Info: 03 9639 3660 or
Sign on for updates at:

Please come along , should be a great day!

from the chamber COUNCIL MEETING TUES 9 JUNE

Welcome- I will post a report after each council highlighting different aspects of the agenda which i feel may be of interest to the community-full minutes are on the Glen Eira web site - then click on meetings
This was a well attended council meeting with many issues to be discussed and passions aroused!
The planning permits approved for developments in Grange and Glenhuntly Rds I feel were responsible, moderate and in keeping with higher intensity housing along major travel routes.
For the first time Glen Eira is introducing a Child Care Town Planning policy that identifies appropriate and reccommended sites for child care facilities. This will be available for public comment before being reviewed and voted on by council.

The Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre will now enter into the construction tender stage after council voted to proceed.The vote was 6-2 with Councillor Penhalluriack and myself speaking against the motion. I was certainly concerned at the $45 million cost to this one project that has continually esculated over the past few years. I felt is was financially irresponilbe to proceed with it in its present format.
A more modest proposal that could have included the redevelopment of the Carnegie pool would have been a better option.

The Environmental Sustainable Strategy progress report was tabled and accepted- This relatively new strategy is certainly welcome and a signicant step forward for GE .A major failing of the strategy at present is its failing to quantify and set targets that reduce GEs greenhouse gas emmisions. The recently released energy audit report also directs that a plan towards Carbon Neutrality should be developed , I will certainly advocating hard for this to happen!

The issue of concrete paths vs natural paths in our parks was the issue for item 8.14 for our new "walking , jogging and all abilities trail"in Lords Reserve. This is a federally funded project and I argued strongly for a granitic sand gravel surface to be installed- I did so on environmental, usage, economic and asthetic grounds. Like many in our community I am dismayed by the insistance that concrete is used for all new paths and access points thoughout GE.

Unfortunately the vote was tied at 4 all with the Mayor Helen Whiteside having the the casting vote in favor of concrete. Even though I was disappointed with the result after putting a lot of effort and research in, I feel that concrete usage will be questioned more thoroughly in future- small steps!