Thursday, June 11, 2009

from the chamber COUNCIL MEETING TUES 9 JUNE

Welcome- I will post a report after each council highlighting different aspects of the agenda which i feel may be of interest to the community-full minutes are on the Glen Eira web site - then click on meetings
This was a well attended council meeting with many issues to be discussed and passions aroused!
The planning permits approved for developments in Grange and Glenhuntly Rds I feel were responsible, moderate and in keeping with higher intensity housing along major travel routes.
For the first time Glen Eira is introducing a Child Care Town Planning policy that identifies appropriate and reccommended sites for child care facilities. This will be available for public comment before being reviewed and voted on by council.

The Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre will now enter into the construction tender stage after council voted to proceed.The vote was 6-2 with Councillor Penhalluriack and myself speaking against the motion. I was certainly concerned at the $45 million cost to this one project that has continually esculated over the past few years. I felt is was financially irresponilbe to proceed with it in its present format.
A more modest proposal that could have included the redevelopment of the Carnegie pool would have been a better option.

The Environmental Sustainable Strategy progress report was tabled and accepted- This relatively new strategy is certainly welcome and a signicant step forward for GE .A major failing of the strategy at present is its failing to quantify and set targets that reduce GEs greenhouse gas emmisions. The recently released energy audit report also directs that a plan towards Carbon Neutrality should be developed , I will certainly advocating hard for this to happen!

The issue of concrete paths vs natural paths in our parks was the issue for item 8.14 for our new "walking , jogging and all abilities trail"in Lords Reserve. This is a federally funded project and I argued strongly for a granitic sand gravel surface to be installed- I did so on environmental, usage, economic and asthetic grounds. Like many in our community I am dismayed by the insistance that concrete is used for all new paths and access points thoughout GE.

Unfortunately the vote was tied at 4 all with the Mayor Helen Whiteside having the the casting vote in favor of concrete. Even though I was disappointed with the result after putting a lot of effort and research in, I feel that concrete usage will be questioned more thoroughly in future- small steps!


  1. Hi Neil,
    Well done for representing the residents of Rosstown, it maybe worth noting here that both the other two Rosstown ward councillors voted for the concrete path. I am troubled by the amount of concrete being poured into our parkland over the five or so years. In my estimation it more than the in previous one hundred years. None of the concrete loving councillors seem the least bit concerned about the cost to the budget the environment and the aesthetics of our landscapes. The cost to remove all this concrete when its life span is up will be shockingly expensive. Well done to all four councillors who voted wisely.

  2. Congratulations Cr. Pilling for at least attempting to bring this issue to the notice of other councillors and the community. Concrete upon concrete does not equal open space - nor is it cost effective.

  3. Thank you Neil for being a voice of reason - now if only we could clone you and get some Greens candidates in the other wards.

    Spending $45 million on an aquatic centre that is a 5 minute drive away from Waves seems bloody silly to me - and a very expensive way to give the Mckinnon basketball club somewhere to play.

    As to concrete - Council keeps on going on about "all abilities" and think this can only be achieved by concrete. People in wheelchairs etc. have no problem navigating a well made gravel path. In fact I regularly see a dog walker in a motorised wheelchair careening around on the grass areas of a park.

    Our single Labor concillor is showing the lack of 'green' credentials that is becoming a problem at both state and federal level by voting for the concrete.

  4. It's good to see a Councillor communicating with residents. Glen Eirahas the lowest open space of all municipalities. Another important measure is the amount of green space, which with all buildings in parks and concrete paths would be even less. The number of trees in our city is another measure of our environment and ecology sustainability. Good luck, Neil in pursuing those issues.

  5. I would just like to bring up the issue of Council’s repeated and unsubstantiated claims that protestors at Lord Reserve vandalised equipment and abused workers.

    Via local paper reports, the Mayor’s letter to the editor and now Council minutes, these claims are now on the public record – all without Council showing a shred of evidence! that any damage or abuse occurred at all! Where are the photos? The signed statements? The police reports? The copies of insurance claims?

    Certainly the protestors vehemently deny they caused any damage or hurled abuse. Yet where is their right of reply? Where is the investigation?

    These unsubstantiated claims effectively defame not just the Lord Reserve protestors, but tar all dog walkers with the same brush.
    One behalf of all dog owners (and I understand you are) I would like to see you take this matter further.

  6. On behalf of all dog and non dog owners I will request evidence as to the claimed damage to property which has been given as the reason police were called in to Lords Res

  7. Thankyou Neil.On behalf of the 'peaceful protestors' at Lord Reserve, if you can find out who is behind these untruthful accusations it would be much appreciated. Why the rest of the Council has to stoop to this level to score points is unbelievable.
    Sandy Evans

  8. Can you make that request a formal one Cr Pilling through Council, so it is on the public record, that at least one Councillor is interested in justice for both parties - seen to be done - quite correctly people's reputations have been beligned without a single stred of evidence.

    Qute simply because there is none, but nonetheless, this ommission needs to be highlighted within the Council records.

    The damage its done to the good will of the community is far worse damage, than simply untying two flaps of an orange plastic screen.