Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Space vs extra GESAC car parking

At this Tuesday night's meeting Councillors will vote on whether to extend further the new GESAC car park into Bailey Reserve with the relocating of the present playground.

Item 9.10 (under links bottom right) lists two carpark options - the first being a multi-level complex on the present planned carpark - to my mind a trojan horse option.

I have requested details of the amount of public open space that will be lost by the proposed extension-

GESAC is yet to open and its success quantified- nothing has changed since the amount of carparking was determined as an appropriate balance between the new facilty and surrounding open space. At the eleventh hour to make such changes I feel is poor policy and in line with my previous posting on the need for a new Public Open Space strategy in Glen Eira

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  1. The GESAC that ate Bailey Reserve.

    This is a well orchestrated plan to hijack some of Bailey Reserve. What wasn't palatable to the public during the GESAC planing debates a few years back, is now cowardly snuck through the back door.

    Once again passive open space is ripped off the public and turned over to ugly concrete.
    This is bad policy, Glen Eira has a flood problem, noted as being the worst in Melbourne and its full steam ahead with hard surfacing with no regard to the run-off during abnormal downpours. We definitely do need a new Open Space Strategy that recommends that when passive open space is hi-jacked for areas like carparking, a similar offset of land is provided to make up for what is lost. Passive open space is not spare land waiting to be concreted as Newton would like to believe. I would be interested to see which way Cr. Magee and Cr.Hyams vote on this matter, since they made so many rock solid promises to the locals. I wonder if the locals around the area know what is going to happen to there reserve.

    But I suppose it just the beginning of the saga of the GESAC that ate Bailey Reserve.