Monday, July 25, 2011

Community gardens in Glen Eira

In response to several enquiries one of the potential projects i am currently looking at is the establishment of community gardens or urban orchards in our muncipality.

One very successful example is the gardens at the Uniting Church in Murrumbeena rd that have been estabilshed on previously vacant space surrounding the rear carpark-many groups young and old have gained hours of enjoyment and satisfaction from tending and caring for these lots.

Other great examples of what can be achieved include the gardens in Ringwood and St Kilda- see links bottom right.

This issue had been raised from time to time without much progress- there are wonderful opportunities for gardens such as these to become community focal points which i will continue to explore.


  1. Dear Cr. This is a welcome idea, many people in Glen Eira live in small homes with little or no garden area. A community garden would be a good idea. I sold my home in Ormond years ago after my partner died. I miss the wonderful garden I had.

  2. Great idea, we are decades behind this issue. But the question is were do we put this community asset.

    I would say! because of Glen Eira's chronic lack of open space, that is ever decreasing.

    Funny how open space can always be found and voted into extinction to provide car parking but a community garden "no way Jose"

    I think the only answer is land has to be acquired for the purpose.

    Packer Park bowling club would have been a possibility and people did suggest it, but instead we got a joke of plan handed down from high that no one wanted.

    There is always the upcoming reservoir site
    and many people would like to see it happen there. Even areas inside the race-course would be suitable.

    I suggest money from the open space levy be used to purchase land bordering a existing park, specificity for this purpose.

    Otherwise nothing will ever be found, and what ever is, will be eaten-up by sporting clubs and car parks.

    Can you or anyone else think of any areas that could be used as a community garden?

  3. Yes.

    Booran Road reservoir would be an ideal location. Probably wouldn't need all the space - could have half as community garden and half as park/indigenous garden/urban forest.

    And may be able to retain part of the reservoir structure as a feature.

    I'd really like to see you push this one Neil.

  4. While I like this idea and it's worked very well for other Councils, there is such a paucity of open space in Glen Eira that we cannot afford the luxury of giving it over to the select few able to obtain a plot. Any open space that becomes available (if not sold off) should be shared by ALL residents to exercise, communicate and relax - there is already too high a percentage given over to sport, which the majority of residents do not engage in.

    I stand to be corrected, but I understand that when calculating Glen Eira's open space (1.4 h. per 1,000 people) the Crown Land at Caulfield Racecourse is included, even though it is not equitably shared, so we are actually far worse off than we are lead to believe.

    The land grab of parkland for the GESAC car park is an example of yet further loss.

  5. "Yes it true", open space is in far to short supply to turn any existing open space into a community garden. But plans could be put in place to buy land for the purpose. So much cash has been raised by selling council land that some could be clawed back if the will was there.

  6. The racecourse is definitely included in the GE open space figures. The middle of the course would be a great space for a community garden.

  7. i would welcome a community garden as it provides an opportunity to eat fresh produce and appreciate the efforts involved

  8. I am currently investigating the potential for an area in the Moorleigh Community Centre in Bignell Road to be used as a community garden - perfect location and perfect fit. I want to prepare a professional plan to Council and am currently negotiating with like minded individuals/groups in the local area. I am pleased to find a Councillor who will support the idea and will be in touch soon. Our Council recently had to hold a discussion on composting in St Kilda - surely we can do better than that. I envisage a garden similar to VegOut - welcome to all, not just plot holders.