Friday, June 10, 2011

Public Open Space in Glen Eira - new strategy needed

packer park
The last public open space strategy in Glen Eira was undertaken way back in 1998-

Much has changed since then!

An increasing population, planning scheme changes, higher density developments and the effects of climate change all have contributed to place greater pressures on our public open space. A new strategy that takes account of these and future changes is urgently needed and I raised this recently at an environment advisory committee meeting on behalf of the local Glen Eira Environment Group.

A thorough upto date strategy is essential especially in Glen Eira's case which is widely acknowledged as having the lowest amount of public open space of any metropolitan municipality-This was documented in the Victorian Evironmental Assesment committee (VEAC) report and findings in 2010.

There are many issues that a new strategy would consider including how to spend the open space contibution levy from new developments- whether this to be used to acquire new open space or simply maintain existing parks, the 1998 strategy suggested a 50/50 split that wasn't acted on.Precisely defining public open space as opposed to park infrustructure is another issue.

As we have seen in recent times on issues like the former Mckinnon bowling club site in Packer Park, Council I feel is making decisions on public open space in an ad hoc manner-and would be better served by a modern strategy that outlines present and future plans for all our open space.


  1. Neil is absolutely right, and we could make a good start by moving the council depot out of Caulfield Park (6,400 square metres). A good spot would be into the unwanted and unsafe new park at the eastern end of Glen Eira Road. Neil is also right - we also need to open up the old bowling green in Packer Park, which has been fenced off to the public for way, way too long. And let's not forget the centre of the Caulfield Racecourse 'Reserve'! Inside the training tracks there lies, hidden from view and completely unused, enough space for half a dozen full-sized football grounds.

  2. It is imperative that the Open Space Strategy be updated. It must be treated as a matter of urgency and I sincerely hope that you are successful in getting it beyond the Environment Advisory Committee. So much has changed in the built environment since 1998 and should be matched by more open space. It is important to the well being of every person that lives in Glen Eira. not just a few. I wish you every success.

  3. All our parks were made, what, 100 years ago. Were is planning for our new parks. We need good ideas too. Open-space doesn't mean just football fields. It means other places too, what about a community veggie garden for people without room to grow stuff. Football grounds and money spent of them is way-out of whack with money spent of normal open-space. Even though more people don't play sport than do. It's dumb to have all that space for a few people to run around on in the weekend and make mud, that stuffs it up for the rest of us all week.

  4. Yes it is very dumb, the footy ground over the road from me, they leave so much rubbish, they don't care one little bit about the environment.
    I would kick them off and plant trees.