Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carnegie outdoor pool - our other swim centre

With much of the current attention focused on the opening and usage of the new Glen Eira sports and aquatic centre (GESAC) at years end it is timely to consider the present arrangements and funding for our other pool at Carnegie in Koornang Rd.

Similar to previous years $205k is allocated in this years draft budget for maintenance and repairs. In April 2010 Council passed a motion that supported the present situation - and noted that any potential refurbishment of the centre would be considered after the opening of GESAC.

There will come a 'crunch decision' time most probably early in the next council term when councillors will have to decide the future of the Carnegie Pool - The age and state of the present facilities mean a significant refurbishment is required.

My concern has always and remains that the cost ($45m) and success of GESAC will be used as a reason in future not to invest in this upgrade. This much loved and used community facilty should be upgraded as soon as reasonably possible - There are many attractive features of the pool including the space and its unique diving section - features that will compliment not compete against the new Bentleigh facility.

At present there are no funds in our ten year Strategic Resource Plan (SRP) for this upgrade - i will continue to strongly advocate on this issue.


  1. One minor point. Last year's budget was $250k. This year it is $205k.

  2. Good Work Cr Pilling, I share your fears about the pools future.

    It is worth keeping an eye on this issue.
    With another bucket load of cash going to the Duncan Mc Kinnon reserve so soon after the GESAC spend-up.

    The CEO would love to shut and sell off the pool land to cover his back-side. I suppose they will ring the safety bell when the time is ready, telling us the pools is a health risk and a liability.

    The old 1,2,3 asset stripping method, of running it down, using its appalling condition as a reason to shut it, and then flogging it off to to there mates. Too easy.

  3. We bought close to the pool because we love the outdoor pools. Personally I hate indoor pools. My kids love the diving boards, I just wish they were open more often. Based on all the Community consultation that was done it would be unwise of the Council to close the Carnegie pool.