Sunday, May 2, 2010


The council meeting was rather short but contain several important items- Full minutes can be seen by clicking on the council link below right and going to meetings.

Leamington Cres development - council voted to approve the amended plans for a 3 storey 34 dwelling apartment complex. This site is at the junction of the Frankston and Dandenong railways lines on the approach to Caulfield stn. Even though technically this site is zoned minimal change - the uniqueness of the site and its closeness to public transport and the pheonix precinct was deemed good justification to approve this development.

VCAT Watch- a particularliy disappointing result was the decision to allow the construction of two double storey attached buildings at 10 Packer st Murrumbeena, a street covered by the Boyd Park Significant Character Area (SCA). In somewhat of a first for this area VCAT overuled a previous refusal notice by council to grant a permit, giving little weight to the SCA policy.

The planning scheme review currently taking place will consider stronger neighbourhood character protection for the SCAs in our municipality- it would seem a very timely move!

Council Plan and Strategic Resource Plan- both plans will be advertised and submissions are welcome until the closing date of 27 May. Full details at

Environmental Sustainablity Strategy - this strategy was developed with input from those attending the Glen Eira environmental forum in July 09 and with reccomendations from the Environ. Advisory Committee.-some of the initiatives include

- the funding for ewaste collection days in each ward

- the introduction and implentation of a carbon neutral plan for council.

- an increase on the uptake of Greenpower electricity use to 25% of all council operations

the ESS is currently being highlighted on the home page of GE website - link bottom right

with final date for comments/submission on 15 June 2010.

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  1. Hi Neil,

    I noticed the Greens are not going to present at the Panel Hearing on Amndment C60 (turning public parkland at Caulfield racecourse into 15 storey housing and multi storey carparking for Monash Uni). Does this mean a change in Greens policy or have they just ran out of puff over this crucial issue?