Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glen Eira planning scheme review - Rosstown Consultation Meeting this thursday

Glen Eira is presently undertaking a review of its planning scheme. Public consulatation meetings are being held in each ward. These meetings are an opportunity for residents to have their say about various planning issues in the community including-

* any zoning or overlay inconsistancies
* the effectiveness of having significant character areas
* the use of structure plans for activity centres
* transitioning from housing diversity to minimal change areas
* emerging issues such as the relevency and need of master plans by institutions
* use of development contributions (eg open space and drainage)

Thursday 29 April (rosstown ward)
Packer Park hall
Leila rd Carnegie

Monday 3 May (camden ward)
Caulfied Park pavilion
off Balaclava rd

full details of the consultation and review process can be viewed at


  1. How about some feedback on the planning forums? How about some feedback on the bicycle strategy - since a letter in the Leader urged all to read the (non public) document? How about feedback on the municipal inspector progress? How about really letting the community know what the hell is going on?

  2. Give me a break anom! the Rosstown planning forum i attended was last night, the draft bicycle strategy is yet to come to council and the community for comment. Regarding the MI councillors are not privy to any ongoing progress or updates.

  3. First meeting was 19th April. Enough time to find out what went on if you didn't attend and/or get a report put out to the public by any councillors who did happen to attend. So council must approve everything before the public sees it? Is that so? Then how about decisions made about cat curfews, extra charges for rubbish bins? Seems like things go to 'council' only when it suits doesn't it?