Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ROSSTOWN Ward Community Forum March 24 & 25

Last year I ran three community forums which I felt were very informative and beneficial to all who participated. Having made a committment to run quarterly forums throughout the four year council term ( missed dec thru being unwell) am very keen to recommence these meetings in 2010.

The October forum focusing on early childhood services, in particular the lack of kindergarten places in Glen Eira was especially relevant to current council policies. The present increased activity by council in addressing this issue is due in some moderate part to the efforts of those who attended.

The next forum will be organised by all the Rosstown Crs - Steven Tang, Margaret Esakoff and moi on the following dates and times.

Wednesday 24th March
upstairs Boyd Room
Carnegie Library
Shepparson Ave

Thursday 25th March
7 pm
Packer Park Hall
Leila rd

Light refreshments provided at both forums

Everyone welcome-Hope to see you there!


  1. Neil, can you illuminate me on Item 12.4 from Tuesday's council meeting. I thought it concerned a possible conflict of interest concerning Cr Magee yet he voted to refer it. What's it all about?

  2. Glenhuntly- Item 12.4 was discussed and voted on in-camera at the 16th March meeting, Along with all other councillors
    I am required to adhere to the confidential aspects of this item.

  3. Neil, now that the first of the 'community forums' have been held, it doesn't seem as if the community is any the wiser. Given that swimming pools, kindergartens, racecourses, park trees, and other topics dominated discussion, I'd like to know what commitment you councillors will give residents that their concerns will be addressed immediately? The fact that in depth feedback is often the casualty of such forums, what happens now? What strategies are in place to ensure that this year's budget contains plenty of money for Carnegie Pool, and kindergarten development? What are you, Tang and Esakoff going to do about the widely held perception that this council simply does not listen to its residents? What specific ACTION will you perform to ensure us that our opinions do in fact matter and that you will act to represent your consituents?

  4. Yes, I understand that Neil and would not expect you to divulge what was said in the confidential part of the council meeting. But I understand there is some information about the issue which has been made public, including reference to Jim Magee. Are you saying because the item was discussed in camera, then no aspect of this issue can now be discussed publicly? A sort of retrospective confidentiality?

  5. Anom , as outlined at the meeting we committed ourselves to following up all the concerns raised and encouraged everyone to leave their contact details to assist this.

    This is the fourth community forum I have organised/participated in the past twelve mths and will continue to do so quarterly for the whole term.

    I certainly committed to listening to residents and advocating strongly on their behalf.

  6. glenhuntly- any other details on 12.4 in addition to Cr. Magees public statement i understand to be covered by the in-camera confidential code.