Saturday, April 3, 2010

New premises for GE Historical Society opened

Recently I attended the official opening of the Glen Eira Historical Society's new impressive premises at 965 Glenhuntly Rd South Caulfield. (see related prev posting)

It was great to see such a good attendance at this event that has been a long time coming .

The new premises is open to the public and always welcoming of new volunteers to assist in the large volume of work being done in chronocling this municipality's rich past.

The director Mr John O'Callaghan spoke of the trials and tribulations of getting to this stage- including being flooded out several days after moving in! He also acknowledged the wonderful work and efforts of past and present members.

With the recent council decision to fund a full-time research officer and assistant the future looks assured for the society and its valuable work.


  1. How about some feedback on all those forums? Not a single word about the outcomes of the kindergarten meetings, bicycles, and even the latest Rosstown forum? Nor has there been any posting recent council meetings. Why not?

  2. anom -will be posting a summary of the ward forum and the next council meeting during the week, Neil

  3. The Council needs to be congratulated on its commitment to the Historical Society.Job well done.

  4. I seem to be the most consistent communicator within the community of Glen Eira, At least I am a voice and I express opinions, even at times controversial ! I actively participate in current social commentary and attempt to provide some feedback.

    Where are all the others? What has happened to the Glen Community Activists....

    Are we all so jaded and disillusioned?

    The other night I received a phone call from a gentleman undertaking a poll on my views of the Arts and Cultural aspect of the Glen Eira Council. I declined to participate saying that if only half of the attention paid to the Arts was directed to Governance, then I would be interested. Poor man! "Feed them cake!"

    At the same time I'm wondering if it is even worth writing a submission about public toilets in Glen Eira when those horrible Exeloos are foisted on us regardless!. I had hoped that a formal association representing the differently abled people, would get their act together and make a case for all of us!

    As for the Historical Society, it is good to retain our history, but please not at the expense of remaining static about current issues.

    The history is passed, and our future is our children! We need to cater for their needs now. What we do today will become our children's history tomorrow.

    Residents need Council to develop strong planning initiatives that cater for the impending density housing supported with the appropriate commercial and service industries locally situated to restrict the need for cars.

    Is there any concrete evidence Cr Pilling, of a Community Plan which actually caters for the needs of the people beyond the next Council Election?