Monday, February 20, 2012

Glen Eira reforms - relocation of council meetings

Along with a series of council meeting reforms that I will continue to advocate for I feel there is also a strong case for an alternative facilty in the town hall to be used for normal council meetings like the format used for Yarra Ranges above.

The present court-room like chamber with its heiracheal seating arrangements might have reflected local govt one hundred years ago but now is totally out of kilter with a modern progressive council seeking to engage with the community and encourage attendance at meetings.

The traditional chamber could still be used for ceremonial aspects like the Mayoral and new Councillor inaugurations or for showing visitors where councils used to operate many years ago!

From a practical and symbolic view this reform is much needed.


  1. Gee Neil, not really one of our big issues.

  2. Great idea, less formal, more friendly, and the old chamber could be a good historical asset for visitors, as you said.

    If we are going to progress as a community we need to break out of this negative mind-set that this old chamber implies.

    I think its a small but worthwhile reform that will have large community benefits. I bet the CEO will hate.

  3. Probably a bigger gallery to fit more disgruntled ratepayers in!