Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GESAC - basketball-cont.

I will post details of the motion passed and comments re item 12.8 GESAC Multi-Use Courts that involves the allocation of basketball as soon as publically available which normally takes several days.

Council considered the issue over the the past two nights after reaching the 11pm time limit at the Tuesday night meeting.

The main problem in my view has been the design and oblectives of the original process. I feel the emphasis was too much on fees and 'future marketing plans'.

I have no critisism of the way officers administered the expression of interest process but question the criteria and objectives that have led everyone to the present situation.

Like the increased childcare fee issue I feel Council has taken a too narrow economic rationalist approach at the expense of genuine community need. This really goes to the heart of the matter. There is certainly a need to review the whole process for future basketball allocations at GESAC in the new year.

please note- the posting date can be a day behind.

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  1. Dear Mr. Pilling
    As an GESAC nearby resident, taxpayer, a father of a child who plays basketball for McKinnon Cougars and Bentleigh Lakers player myself I would like to thank you for your balances approach in regard to this difficult issue. I am just hoping there would be more councilors sharing the same view as yourself. Unfortunately, huge mistake was done in tendering consideration by not checking credentials of potential bidders, and not considering public interest . As a result we may have situation where we , taxpayers, have to pay for venue where our kids (and ourselves) would not be able to play. This would be the biggest absurd and disappointment we , the local residents, would have to deal with.
    As I said , I am hopping you would have enough strength and courage to push your proposal to the other councilors.

    With regards