Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elsternwick Childcare Centre to close Xmas Eve

Unfortunately this very well used centre which for over twenty years has provided quality childcare for the families of the Elsternwick area will close on Xmas Eve.

Glen Eira Council ran the service in a facility leased from Alfred Health (Dept of Health). When the lease was called in early last year it was always going to be a battle to save this centre despite the high demand and waiting lists - To put it simply too many present Councillors supported by the administration just weren't interested in local govt playing a significant role in childcare. Add to this an unhelpful State Govt and the scene was set for this closure despite strong community opposition.

On the 3rd of August as part of a delegation from Council and with parents I met with the Health Minister Mr.Davis to explain the issue and seek clarification on the future of the site with the possibilty of crown land being made available for a new centre. The most telling point of the meeting was when the Minister asked Council what planning and provision had been undertaken for future childcare needs- The answer was an honest none.

Council and parents are yet to hear back from the Minister.

Certainly I'd like to pay tribute to the many parents who worked tirelessly to save this centre including the collection of a thousand signature petition in support. It was an honour and inspiration to work with them - All their efforts will hopefully be rewarded in the future.


  1. We have to ask why council take this position on child care?. If the elected councillors want action on child care surly this would have an effect and improvement would follow.

    So who are the councillors supporting the CEO in winding back children's services in Glen Eira, ad more importantly WHY do they take this position?

  2. Unfortunately anom the predominate view for some time has been that childcare should be provided by the private sector or is the responsibility of state govts and that local Councils shouldn't be involved.

  3. That didn't answer the question as to who are are councillors that are winding back child care in Glen Eira