Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Council Meeting Tuesday 22nd Nov

At Tuesday night's meeting Council voted unaminously on the following three important issues - all were first time initiatives for Glen Eira with having been raised in previous posts on this blog. All Councillors deserve credit for their support.

item 9.6 Gambling Reform- the report on this item provided depressing statistics on the amount of losses in our municipality, $75m in 10/11. An alternative motion was supported which endorsed and advocated for poker machine reforms as recommended by the 2010 Productivity Commission report.

item 9.8 Take-a-Break childcare program an alternative motion was moved and supported which will provide full interim funding(approx $30k)for this much needed Community/Neighbourhood house childcare program in 2012- and included further measures to advocate strongly that the Fed/State govts reinstate their funding committments- This is the first time a council in Victoria has done this to prevent the program closing on Dec 31st.

item 9.9 GE Carbon Reduction Plan- approved the draft plan with some changes after recieving public submissions - A significant step forward by Council in reducing CO2 emmissions and responsding to the challenges of impending climate change.

Full minutes showing the details of these motions listed in the links section , bottom right.

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  1. Good news is good news and all very welcome. Great to see Glen Eira is being progressive, which is a big and welcome turn about. As you said all councillors are responsible for this direction. And maybe one Green councillor is slightly more responsible than the others. Either way it's good news all round from kiddies to climate. As a recent grandparent I am right with you on all this constructive community building ideas.
    The future belongs to kiddies of today.