Sunday, August 21, 2011

Level Crossing workshop - more talk?

Recently Vicroads has been widely letter dropping in all the affected areas details of a forum/workshop they are conducting at Carnegie Library on Tues 6th September 630-830pm on level crossings on the Dandenong line.

All local residents in the area know this is the biggest issue in the area right thru from Caulfield to Oakleigh and Im not sure of the value of further 'workshops' -
Everyone knows what the problem is and what the solution is.

There needs to be a solid committment by the State Govt to fund this grade separation as soon as possible - Presently for the M/Beena rd crossing re previous posting there is $2.5m allocated to plan/study in this term and a further $150m if re-elected in 2014.Will be interested to see the outcomes of these workshops,

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  1. Neil, there will be issues here, will it go over the road or under the road, or vise-versa with the road under or over.

    Flyerovers leave ugly alienated areas underneath that usually get full of graffiti and dumped rubbish etc. The noise from elevated roads and rail is increased and travels further. There are many red gums around the station, these need protection too.

    Will it be privatised with a multi-storey complex on top, there is a lot of reasons to go along and find out what is cooking.

    After we do not want to trade one host of problems with other problems bigger and more long term. This has be done right, and put underground. With a park on top