Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tree Protection register for Glen Eira

At last weeks meeting councillors voted to introduce for the first time in Glen Eira a significant tree register that will protect the best of our municpalities trees currently unprotected.

The full details,description and criteria for this register is covered in pages of item of meeting minutes below ( page 72-76 item 9.6).

This has been a long time coming and marks an important step forward. This is a fairly moderate approach. Saying that it was still quite a battle to get this up- as I understand this was the fourth or fifth attempt over many years.

Whilst most owners are certainly very responsible there have been problems with the removal of significant trees in the past with ownership changes- this register will help address this.


  1. A great step forwards Cr. The emphasis on the sloganistic "best of the best" troubles me a lot. What we have to do to live sustainability is to halt tree decline not just in Glen Eira but everywhere. Its like Glen Eira is finally discovering itself, 40 square K of Melbourne needs trees. So we must not just save the best of the best but protect significant trees on all land private and public. Council says we only need to protect trees on private land because council already protect trees on public land. Ha Ha, "the fox minding the chickens syndrome" We need a register of significant trees across all GE private public and utility control land.

    Here is why smart people protect trees

    Trees clean air.
    Trees help stop the heat island effect.
    Trees attract wildlife.
    Trees provide shade and reduce dependence on aircons.
    Trees add beauty to landscapes.
    Trees are good for human health.

    Glen Eira must do better than protect the best of the best on private land.

    What do you think Cr.

  2. thanks anom and i agree with your sentiments- i would like to see GE adopt a more comprehensive over time