Thursday, May 5, 2011

Levels Crossings in Glen Eira and the State Budget

As one who resides near the Murrumbeena Rd railway level crossing I certainly understand the problems caused particularily during the peak hour periods.

It's not only motorists but cyclists and pedestrians alike who are frequently stuck with the boom gates down (upto 38 mins in the hour as reported in a recent article in the Age)- My record is waiting for eight trains - heard of higher amounts.

In the recent State budget brought down last Tuesday there is some funding for grade separation in Glen Eira .

Both Ormond (Nth rd) and Murrumbeena Rd level crossings have been allocated $150m each for grade separation -However the only amount spent in the 2010-14 term with be $12.5m and $2.5m on each of the respective sites for planning-

from press release
" The Budget also provides funding for planning the removal of level crossings at: Mountain Highway and Scoresby Road, Bayswater; North Road, Ormond; Blackburn Road, Blackburn; and Burke Road, Glen Iris. The Coalition has also identified Main Road, St Albans, and Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena as priority projects".

Many of the worst crossings incl M/beena, Carnegie, Hughesdale with Ormond on the electoral boundary are in the now more marginal State seat of Oakleigh which may help the future prospects of resolving this issue!

full details -

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