Monday, March 28, 2011

local shopping strip - Murrumbeena

The current somewhat perilous state of the Neerim rd Murrumbeena shopping strip continues. As local shoppers understand full well over the past six months there has been a rolling saga of leasing problems with the IGA supermarket (next to Bendigo Bank) closing and re-opening on reduced hours with vitually no stock on the shelves - can imagine what it was like in the post-war rations times! The IGA supermarket like the bank or postoffice is an integral part of the shopping strip which attracts custom for all the other shops. Near the station it is perfectly positioned to capture the growing needs of the local community. The net result of this situation is that the shopping strip has become very quiet with many locals opting to go to Carnegie and business down everywhere- The local traders association is certainly anxious that this situation be resolved as soon as possible. As I understand there is likely to be a new lease agreement finalised soon - which will enable the shop to reopen at full capacity and hopefully over time help restore the strip to its former busy self-the sooner the better i would think!

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