Monday, October 19, 2009

Community Forum this Wed- early childhood services

Just a reminder that the Early Childhood Services Forum in Glen Eira I am hosting is on this Wednesday 21 st Oct from 1 to 3 pm at Parker Park rooms Leila Rd Murrumbeena -melways 68 J8

I have been very heartened by the response and encouragement received.

This should be a very informative and constructive afternoon. I believe our council does have an important role to play in the planning for and delivering of quality services and facilties in this area be it maternal health care , long day care , immunisation or kindergartons.

I am very pleased that Colleen Hartland MLC State Parliament has agreed to participate and speak.

Hope to see you there!


  1. This is a transcript of my blogsite comment dealing with distressed mothers of year 4 kindergarten children in response to another comment on the letters as published in the Minutes:

    I was in the Gallery CR, and so too were the letter writers. The mothers were obviously extremely distressed by the responses and felt their questions were NOT BEING ANSWERED!.

    No one was 'pandering' to anyone! Take the politics out of your thought processes if that's possible for once.

    There is a fundamental need for the subject of kindergartens to be addressed in Glen Eira.

    The Council response was clearly not satisfactory to those mothers who cried out, that their questions were not being answered.

    That is a shortcoming of the Council in that most residents associate a Council with actually looking after the basics of their social needs, from the cradle to the grave! from mothercraft, education, health and aged care.

    You may have noticed over the years a general phasing out of all, but mandatory CARE by our local government representatives.

    Cr Pilling was not rubber stamping a response presented in his name as a Councillor to appease those who crafted the response!.

    He was articulating that - had he been actively involved, those words would not have been his response and although powerless to influence the outcome, accordingly, Cr Pilling would have approached the subject differently.

    Residents are indeed warmed by the humanity of the man to engage with residents at a personal level and demonstrate empathy in the face of cold bureaucracy.

    Perhaps the Mayor who is a grandmother of five or six herself I seem to recall, could refocus her attention on the children and ensure cold words written in her name on behalf of Council, more truly reflect a warmth that is sadly lacking in the current climate.

    That Paul Burke authors the letters in a formal protective manner so as not to commit the Council by providing hope to residents is well known - what bugs me, is that the Mayor signs them!

    No point in blaming the Administration when the Mayor is the responsible Council Representative!!!

  2. Just letting you know, I posted this article notification on my blog without first receiving you permission Neil...sorry about that....cheers Mary

  3. thats fine Mary thanks for your help, regards Neil

  4. I think that Mary is Neil. My critisism stands because all you have is that Glen Eira has a problem with kindergarten placements and not one suggestion as to how to overcome this Australia wide problem.

  5. Maybe a good reason to attend anom and listen to possible solutions.

  6. Council officers have already proposed a viable Australia wide solution and that is where practical utilise Primary Schools many of which have capacity. Look at Caulfield Primary in Glenhuntly Rd.

  7. I have reliable information that Council have told one local kinder that Council will refuse to do any maintenance on their building/grounds unless they wind back the 3 y.o. kinder program.

  8. Would love to attend however I will be at work earning an income to send my child to a private kindergarten. If a wife decides to stay at home in 2009 then there is a cost.There has always been a cost.