Monday, July 20, 2009

REMINDER - Next Quarterly COMMUNITY OPEN FORUM Monday 27th July

How can local government develop effective resident participation? And what are the implications for Glen Eira?

These are the issues to be tackled in this second quarterly open forum. Please come along to help to provide some answers to these important questions:

When: Monday 27th July 7.30 pm

Where: Carnegie Library (upstairs) Boyd Room, Shepparson St, Carnegie

Many people and organisations in Glen Eira have been critical of what they have seen as Glen Eira Council's lack of commitment to effectively engaging the community. Now is the time to develop specific proposals to help Council lift its game and to work to get those proposals implemented.

This is intended to be a forum for seeking solutions. Your involvement in contributing to seeking those solutions is very welcome!


  1. thank you for organising this forum Neil. 'effectively engaging the community' should start with the recognition that there is much expertise from various quarters within the community and that people are willing to contribute - if they are given the chance. The current draft Local Law 2009 fails to recognise the role of the community and the autonomy that councillors require in order to fully carry out their obligations to the society that elected them. Mechanism must be put in place that allow direct community input. I believe that the current draft effectively eliminates such avenues and separates councillors from their constituents. If 'engagement' is to occur, then all the 'gagging' aspects of this local law must be rejected.

  2. Thanks anom, there is now a 60 day timeframe for public submission and comment on the GE local law 2009 draft-will take this time to review myself any 'gagging aspects'

  3. Hi Neil,

    it was heartening to sit in council chamber on Tuesday night and hear the majority of councillors beseeching the community to submit responses to the proposed Local Law. It was also heartening to hear several of you state that not only will you listen, but that amendments/changes could result. I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating! We have previously heard these 'promises' only to find that nothing contributed/suggested by residents makes its way into final drafts. I certainly hope that this time it is different. The issues are too important to sweep under the carpet. This Local Law will be in operation long after many of the current councillors and CEO are gone. Yet, the legacy of this law will remain. It is therefore imperative that councillors 'get it right' - that subtle little changes in wording are examined carefully and their potential ramifications fully understood. To do less, is to sell both the future and the community short.