Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From the Chamber- COUNCIL MEETING TUES 21st JULY part 1

This was an interesting meeting largely devoted to animal management issues.
full minutes are available on link to GE website

Planning Three amendments relating to zone changes on sites in the Glenhuntly and Poath Rds shopping precincts were discussed. What was highlighted importantly by many councillors was the need for strategic planning in our retail areas throughout Glen Eira.

There was certainly a desire expressed that more planning be done on the broader issue of how our smaller shopping strips like Glen Huntly, Murrumbeena,and Hughesdale can be developed and reactivated.

I feel there should be a greater contribution by our council to the pre-planning of retail areas like this in an inclusive manner that ensures traders, residents and businesses are involved and can contribute and support changes.

Local Law New Local Laws for GE have been drafted and are available for public comment and submissions over the next 60 days, see GE website- The last review was in 2000 so this is very timely- there has been quite a number of comments recently about the inadequencies of this draft- and I would encourage public comment and submissions on improvements that can be made.

Animal Management items
a range of new measures were annouced which I felt were very worthwhile & included

-free registration for dogs or cats for the 12 mths following microchipping and desexing
-the holding of a 'pet expo' in conjuction with a Party in the Park function early next year
-waiving of the annual reg fee following certified training of dogs
and a 50% reduction on this fee for subsequent years

princess park
Item 8.11 dealt with the ongoing problem of dog faeces being left by some irresponsilbe owners at this park, particularly in the off-leash areas of the sporting grounds.

The original item on the agenda dealt with further highlighting and enforcement of the current local law, ie increased signage and issueing of notices & fines to offenders.

An alternate motion was accepted with the addition "that council would consider reccomendations provided by responible stakeholders, that assist in resolving this issue to the satisfaction of all park users"

This was a welcome addition after an initial meeting last week attended by representatives of sporting clubs, dog owners and Cr. Penhalluriack. This is the type of process that should be further encouraged!


  1. A couple of comments on this report. It is really commendable that councillors are now seeing the desperate need for 'strategic' visions regarding commercial areas and the involvement of the community. Of course, this needs to be expanded to include far more than business/commercial zones. Strategic visions for RESIDENTIAL zones ARE also desperately needed - as is the involvement of the community in the revisiting of the MSS.

    Councillors are also to be congratulated for initiating the direct contact, and hopeful resolution of the issues at Princess Park. It is always better to let people sort things out and come up with options, than impose heavy handed and reactive 'big brother' tactics. Everyone loses in the latter instance. Well done councillors!

  2. I am happy to publish your comments relating to the Local Law draft anom , but not those that inappropriately compare GE to infamous totalitarian states.

  3. Anom - can u resend yr local law comment without offending phrase- i dont have editing facility at present.

  4. As suggested by other bloggers,the process of reviewing the Local Law should include more than just simply Submissions. As with laws at State or Federal levels it is wise to have information sessions to explain what is wrong with the old Local Law 2000, have a thorugh debate and ask for improvements from the public both through Submissions and workshops. Once the Local Law 2009 is drafted have another series of Forums and workshops to ensure that misunderstandings are not widespread and that there is a reasonable level of acceptance of the proposed Laws. Another major benfit of this type of approach (by now pretty standard) is a better engagement process with Glen Era residents and ratepayers.

    What is surprising and quite unsatisfactory is that it took 4 years of establishing of the Local Law 2009, but the public is given only 2 months to respond with Submissions without knowing what the implications might be. Democracy, community engagement, and communication with the Council has been given a short shrift with this quite autocratic approach of we know best because we decide.

  5. To limit comment on a 10-year review of Local laws to written submissions is outrageous.

    presumably there is some rationale to the chnages being brought forward and they are being proposed for supposed benefits.

    Basic democratic processes should allow these questions to be explored in aan open public forum - or does Council believe that its "Law" is above that.

    Councillor have you, or any of your colleagues, made any attempts to open up this completely dismissive process? If so, what was the result and, if not, why not?