Monday, May 6, 2013

Draft budget and SRP 2013/14 - funds for increased public open space and Carnegie Pool

Last night Council's draft budget for 13/14 and the Strategic Resource Plan SRP (which allocated funds over a decade)were released.

There were many important highlights including from the draft budget

GESAC's popularity means that the sports and aquatic centre is budgeted to cover all its costs this financial year.This includes all the loan repayments and interest which is approx $3m per annum.

Duncan Mckinnon pavillion - $2.5m to complete
Centenary Park pavillion - $1.3m to begin with and $2m the following year to complete

Environmental Sustainability - $1.415m
- completion of energy saving streetlight changeover reducing Council's greenhouse emmissions
by upto 14%- $300k
- community energy audits for residents - $250k
- bicycle strategy- $100k less than other years mainly because most actions now complete
- solar panel trial on council properties incl pavillions - $115k
- drought tolerant grasses on sports grounds that greatly reduce water consumption - $600k

-from the draft SRP
- Booran Rd Reservoir converting to open space -$9.5m over two years from 2015-17
- Carnegie Pool -$5m for upgrading the facility over two years from 2017-19
- Public Open Space strategy -rolling funding increasing from $4m per year in 2017 upto $10.5m in 2023 to fund this strategy

From 1st July 2013 all Public Open Space contributions from new developments will be allocated to the aquisition or improvement of new not pre-existing open space.

Many of these items especially around Public Open Space herald very significant changes for the municipality.

Full details on Council website - view under links - Public submissions very welcome.

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