Sunday, March 24, 2013

Protecting the remaining remant redgums of Glen Eira

At the last Council meeting Cr Sounness called for a report which I was very pleased to support.

11.1 Requests for reports from Officers
(a) Crs Sounness/Lobo

Given the recent loss of two significant mature river red gum trees(Eucalyptus camaldulensis) on Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, I request a report on how Council protects the remnant indigenous tree population on Council managed land.

The report should provide a general overview of how Council manages significant trees in its parks and provide specific detail on the health,form and expected safe useful life of the following mature river red gums trees:

1) 2x at Elster Creek Trail – Bentleigh
2) 1x Booran Road reservoir –Glen Huntly
3) 2x Wattle Grove Reserve – Ormond
4) 1x Greenmeadows Garden – North Caulfield
5) 1x Rosstown Woodland - Carnegie

The report should also detail strategies Council uses to prolong the life of its significant trees and how Council preserves local provenance of its indigenous trees stock when replacing old trees.
The MOTION was put and CARRIED unanimously.

Comment - Along with those listed above and in Boyd Park Murrumbeena,there are very few of these significant species left in our parklands -the loss of the two trees at Duncan Mckinnon in January was unfortunate. Extensive rot in several main branches had raised safety concerns given the close proximty to the jogging track and car park. Will look forward to the outcome of this report especially any means where Council can better protect these trees through preventative measures.

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