Saturday, May 12, 2012

new Duncan Mckinnon pavillion update

One of the concerns I've raised several times over the past few months has been the continued delay in commencing the construction of the new pavillion at Duncan Mckinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena and the consequences for other projects on the new pavillion program. Originally planned to start mid 2011 comencement is now most probably in June after tender arrangements are finalised. Whilst some delays are reasonable it has been a disappointing start to what will be fantastic new facilities used be many hundreds of local children and families who participate in the wide range of sports at the centre including netball, athletics, cricket and soccer. It has been designated our pavillion's program highest priority for these reasons and the sheer numbers that participates as anyone who rides or drives past on a Saturday morning will attest to. Temporary facilities will be provided over the approx 90 week construction phase for user groups.


  1. Can you tell us why it has been delayed Neil?
    Is it for financial reasons?
    How does this affect council's future plans to renew buildings and pavilions? Will they also be delayed?
    And why, when council have been gifted recreational land (Booran Road reservoir), it will not be available to the public for 5 years? Surely this should be a priority.

  2. Anom, as i understand the delays have been caused by hold-ups in getting approval from other authorities (Vicroads) and some staffing resource issues, not for financial reasons. Council's next pavillion upgrade, Centenary Park will be done concurrently. Both these pavillions were identified as priorities before Booran rd reservoir land became available-