Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ombudsman's Report released

There has been widespread coverage over the past week or so in relation to the Ombudsman's report into bullying, governance and conflict of interest issues in Glen Eira Council that was tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This report is primarily concerned with the inappropriate behaviour of Cr. Frank Penhalluriack.

At last Tuesday's special council meeting Councillors voted that this report be accepted and tabled with the recommendations to be fully implemented. I spoke of the seriousness of both the report and the long list of instances of misbehaviour.

Full report can be seen in links section bottom right.


  1. Please concede that you where happy to support Cr. Penhalluriack's motion to close the mulch facilty.

  2. yes anom i did support the motion to close the mulch facilty at Glenhuntly Park because i felt it was an unsuitable site being so close to a playground and school. The Ombudsman's report on this issue is primarily concerned with Cr Penhalluriack's confilct of interest.