Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ewaste - huge turnout at first collection day

Last Sunday ,the 26th Feb ,at the Glen Eira town hall car park, council ran the first of three ewaste collection days where TVs, computers and the like could be dropped off and disposed responsibly to be almost completely recycled- see prev postings.

Am pleased to report that approx 50 tonnes was disposed via over 1100 cars(ironically another interesting side-issue here) well above last years amount of 30 tonnes.

All ewaste disposed responsibly here is less that would have ended up on nature strips and in landfill - a great example of the community endorsing with their actions good environmental initiatives.

The next collection day is scheduled for-

Moorleigh Community Village
Saturday 24th March


  1. I filled the rear of my car with some old computer monitors and a few other electrical things and went along to the town hall. The set-up was super efficient and quick, even through there was a queue.

    The disappointing thing was I dove past a huge number of TV on the way, and I had no room to toss them on board with my stuff.

    Why cannot the council trucks, say a week before the e-waste collection pick-up all these TV's laying around, and add them to the pile, they must see more than me as they drive around the city.

  2. thanks anom for your feedback re your suggestion it basically comes down to cost-certainly taking the ewaste out of the hard rubbish collection is preferrable and is being looked at this year as an action in the environmental sust strategy-resticting the placing of ewaste in hard rubbish or arranging for it to be picked up (this would have to be done seperately by another truck) are options to be considered. At present Council has felt the collection days are the best cost-efective interim measure before a Federal recycling scheme starts in the next few years-regards

  3. Hi Neil,

    I was also there on Sunday offloading old computers and electrical appliances. Great that the e-waste days have been so successful - and are becoming more successful.

    What this shows is that when you establish an "event" such as this people will look out for it and take part. Just like the hard rubbish days we used to have years ago.

    When Glen Eira changed from the hard rubbish collection days to the "pick up on request", it was acknowledged that the change was made because it was cheaper. Which actually means that it was less effective. Less rubbish was collected.

    If we had e-waste collection on request I'm sure you wouldn't get the same amount collected as the e-waste days.

    And if council was actually serious about waste collection and recycling they would bring back the annual hard rubbish collection days.

  4. Glen Huntly maybe right as so many people just do not understand that they can ring up and get there junk removed. The present system on paper is really good, but in practise falls down baly. I am not sure what council could do to communicate better with residents. Once there was a new resident kit that could be had, it had useful stuff for newly arrived people.

    The separation of the waste streams is of course important and should be refined for the sake of the environment, but is a different issue to general rubbish dumping that plagues Glen Eira streets.