Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Council elections - postal or attendance?

One of the important decisions that will be made soon by Glen Eira and all other councils in the near future is the type of election - postal or attendance that will be conducted at this years local govt elections in October this year.

I will be favouring an attendance election as similar as conducted for all state and federal elections. History has shown in Glen Eira and elsewhere that an attendance election greatly reduces the number of dummy candidates standing only to feed preferences to other candidates.

Those who remember the 2005 postal election in Glen Eira will attest to the over twenty candidates per ward that stood , many to be fair to say weren't genuine.

This situation was greatly improved in the 2008 attendence election where it has to be said residents were voting for real candidates who were able to engage at least sufficient community support to staff polling booths.

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  1. I'm interestesd to hear what your policies are on traffic management (both strategic policy and immediate/operational), particularly in relation to traffic diverting into local residential streets (largely as result of intro of 40kph in main roads such as Glenhuntly Rd, turning local streets into unsafe rat runs with cars speeding thru like there's no 2morrow.

    The GE Council, disappointingly has set a tiny percent of the total Council budget for traffic calming measures.

    What will you do about this ifd you get elected on 27 Oct?