Thursday, December 29, 2011

Railway Level Crossings -New findings released

Yesterday the Age published a front page article highlighting a letter to Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder in June by VicRoads chief executive Gary Liddle and Department of Transport director Hector McKenzie (obtained under FOI) strongly advocating that grade separation be done not just at the Murrumbeena crossing but also at Carnegie and Hughesdale.

The short distance between the three stations deemed it impractical from an engineering perspective to do only the Neerim Rd M/Beena crossing as has been canvassed by the Baillieu Government.

The other chief finding was that any further increased capacity (incl a 3rd line) on the Dandenong line would lead to an increasingly traffic gridlock situation in peak times- no surprises here to local residents and regular north-south commuters!

Full article is in links opposite bottom right.

All three crossings as well as the Grange Rd one are located in the State seat of Oakleigh, a previously safe Labor seat on 12.4% still held by Ann Barker but now presently on a more marginal 4.85% . Considering the borderline majority of the Victorian State Government (in power only by two lower house seats) this political scenerio may well present the best chance for grade separation for all these congested crossings in the near future.

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