Saturday, December 10, 2011

GESAC-new community basketball facilities- ensuring access for all local families and clubs

As reported widely and here in previous postings there has been an ongoing issue throughout the past six months of resolving the weekend allocation usage at our great new indoor court facilities at the soon to be opened Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre(GESAC) in Bentleigh.

This wonderful new $45m community facility,the largest ever built in the municipality, was primarily funded by local ratepayers with significant contributions from both the Federal and State govts. The original expression of interest offer to the Oakleigh Warriors effectively meant that in excess of 1400 local players in the Mckinnon Basketball Assoc would not be playing this season at GESAC- this situation I have consistantly stated is unacceptable.

This Tuesday night in confidential item 12.8 GESAC MULTI-USE COURTS of the Council meeting agenda I will be supporting the following proposed alternative motion and would like to see this item moved into the normal public agenda.

1.That council notes the report
2.That council sets the seasonal hire rate for basketball at GESAC at $40.00 per court per hour.
3.That council awards the Friday tenancy (6pm to 11pm) and Sunday (9am to 11pm) to The Oakleigh Garden State Warriors Basketball Association.
4.That council awards the Saturday (8am to 11pm) tenancy to the McKinnon Basketball Association.
5.That all court fees are payable regardless of court use.
6.That council requires a bond of $10,000.00 per court payable on signing of the lease agreement.
7.That if either association is unable to fill its allocated times, it must first offer that time to the other before it can be offered to any other association, body or individual.
8.That this resolution be incorporated in the public minutes of this meeting. (if in camera)

Will also support a division (a recording of how Councillors vote) on this item.

This is an equitable,reasonable and balanced proposal that caters for both associations and allows for all local kids, families and clubs to use our great new facilities at GESAC. It sensibly balances financial and community responsibilties.

I will be encouraging all Councillors to support this motion .


  1. Some questions - why should the Warriors get 19 hours of court time and the McKinnon basketballers only 15 hours - and this all on the same day?

    Why should this be held in camera? If Newton suggests this, then councillors should overturn the decision with a council resolution. Simple if councillors can get together 5 votes.

  2. Why should an organisation outside Glen Eira get more court time than a Glen Eira based association which is much bigger in size?