Friday, November 4, 2011

Poker Machine reform - report requested

At last Tuesday night's I moved that the following report be provided to council. Seconded Cr Magee and passed unaminously.

"That a report be provided to Council on the poker machine reforms currently being considered by the Federal Government.This report to also include details on the latest data and spending , including poker machine losses, in the City of Glen Eira".

In requesting this report I spoke on the following points-

Out of approx $19billion wagered each year in Aust $13billion is spent on poker machines.

In 09/10 Glen Eira had three hotels rated in amongst the highest losses for Victoria.

no.24 Rosstown Hotel Carnegie($14m) ,
no.31 Racecourse Tabaret Caulfield($12.5m ),
no.33 Zagames Hotel Caulfield($12.3m

source Victorian Govt Gaming authority see links bottom right

We may well have one of the higher $loss per capitas in Victoria - and that this was not just a problem for the outer suburbs as is regularly percieved.

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  1. Staggering losses there, it's time to reverse some of this rampart gambling. I believe gambling causes just as much damage to the community as cigarette do or have, its time for some real reforms.