Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Refugee policies - race to the bottom by major parties

Normally I haven't commented on Federal issues on this blog - However the past few days have seen extraordinary disappointing policies from both major parties directed at some of the most vunerable people in our region- asylum seekers.

In a low-brow race to attract a certain percentage of swinging voters in marginal seats both Labor and the Liberals in my view have sold out on their respective previous histories of advocating strongly for human rights and protection for those fleeing war and tyranny.

Listening to Malcolm Fraser's crtitical commentry tonight I lament the depths the Liberals have now succumbed on this issue - Equally my grandfather a friend of John Cain snr and a prominent trade unionist who battled thru the great depression would shudder to think what Federal Labor has now become.

Like many I became active in the Greens after the 2001 Tampa incident. That decision is certainly vindicated by these recent events.

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  1. 100% spot on Cr. The Greens are the Partly with a future, for the others as you said its a race to the bottom. If it wasn't for the lone voice of the Greens Party advocating human rights, and exposing the hypocrisy of both Libs and the Labs, what ever happened to the fair-go that your Grandfather no doubt expounded.

    Go- the Greens, you will never ever lose by being right.