Thursday, April 21, 2011

upcoming Council Meetings 27th and 28th April

There will be two meetings of Council of significant interest next week-

Wednesday 27th April 7.30pm- scheduled Council Meeting that includes item 9.12 - the draft agreement as recently negotiated between Council and the Melbourne Racing Club on the future use and amenity of the racecourse centre and perimeter fencing.

Thursday 28th April 7.00pm - meeting of the Caulfield Racecourse Precinct Special Committee that will consider whether to approve (adoption) or abandon the Melbourne Racing Club planning scheme amendment C60.


  1. Dear Councillor
    I find it impossible to express my disappointment with your role as a Glen Eira Councillor. I was excited when you were elected that finally we might witness some progressive changes in the way Council operates - putting the interests of the COMMUNITY first and keeping us informed. Obviously my expectations were too high.
    Thank you

  2. sorry that you are disppointed anom - if u are referring to my recent decisions on the racecourse centre and C60 during the week ( will post speeches shortly) I believe these were made correctly with the interests of the community in mind.

  3. Cr Pilling,

    Long time no speak.

    The last time we chatted (and I remember it like yesterday) was when you called me, you were just a newly elected Councllor and said you would try to help our sports group. Haven’t heard boo from you since. As for helping us, well you have had plenty of chances to stand up and support us, I’ve seen no open support at all, thanks.

    But what I find totally hypocritical and just a downright joke are the comments made by yourself and Cr Esakoff to Cr Frank Penhalluriack saying to;

    "Speak the issue and not indulge in personal attacks"

    Let me say it again slowly so I can comprehend it, "speak the issue and not indulge in personal attacks"

    So this is what you CR PILLING and CR ESAKOFF morally stand for is it?

    I cant believe both have the cheek to say this to Cr Penhalluriack, do I need to refresh both of your memories of a recent incident with Cr Lipshutz involving personal attacks.

    If your unsure of what I am talking about I can go into more detail for you?

    How come you both didn’t "pipe up" then?

    So now all of a sudden "personal attacks" are unacceptable and a Cr should just "stick to the issue"?

    I asked both of you an individual public question directly on this issue and what you thought of the "personal attack" comments and you both had no problems with it.

    Given this recent incident wouldn’t it seem HYPOCRITICAL of both of you to have a go Cr Penhalluriacks comments?

    You know I asked a public question once "what does 4 + 1 mean", I now know what the 1 means, gone is the "Gang of Four", it’s now the mathematically unbeatable "Fantastic Five".

    Regardless of what you or any other Councillor thinks of me, a "personal attack" is a "personal attack", no matter who it is directed at, your stance on the issue should remain the same. Not what you have done here and thats decide if its acceptable or not after you see who is the recipient of the "attack".

    You are correct they are unacceptable and not required, its just strange how you didnt feel that way when I was subject.

    Kind Regards,

    Nick Varvodic

  4. "I am committed to representing our community in an open and accountable manner and as well as improving the policies and practices of our council". Your quote. Please explain your decision to attend the April 4th meeting on the C60 development and not speak out about the obvious misleading of the 130+ concerned resident attendees re carparking provisions within C6. Contrary to your stated desire to improve Council practices you have actively engaged in those practices and have acted in a manner which it to the detriment of residents.

  5. Nick,
    the issues and concerns raised by you in your long going dispute with council have been addressed in the multitude of public questions answered in council meetings over the past year or so ,
    regards Neil

  6. Dear Nick, I think our Councillors spend far to much time helping out sports clubs and we spend far too much of the ratepayer dollars on sporting facilities. Residents playing sport are a tiny percentage of the total population. So why should you expect everyone to bend over backwards for you. Please play your sport, and by all means enjoy it, Next time the Olympic Games come around think of the billions of dollars that get spent a few elite sports people in the vain hope of gold. The priorities could be very different, local clubs get crumbs from the rich mans table. Go for the top of the food chain and not some poor Councillor that has no hope of changing much at all.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    I would like to try to keep it short for the only reason that I do not want to hijack Cr Pillings personal website.

    As for your comments, I am no longer a ratepayer in Glen Eira, All my family and friends are and 95% of the group I speak for.

    You obviously have no idea of the "whole saga" and you have just got the tail end of it, It has been going on for years, I think it would have been more appropriate if you knew a little more facts on the issue before you commented.

    Your reference to the Olympics is irrelevant and just ridiculous, we are a bunch of battlers who enjoy a kick and have been for the last 40 years in he same spot. To make reference to elite sportsmen and the Olympics is just silly.

    We are not even a club, we only now hold documentation as it is required by Council to get a "permit" and "insurance", but thats another story you wouldnt know about. (ask Council about that one)

    If you think sporting clubs get too much of the ratepayer dollar, well thats your opinion, your entitled to it and I suggest you voice it to Council.

    You say go to the top of the food chain and not some poor Councillor, in out situation, Cr Pilling can do plenty, he personally told me he would try to help in a phone call to me years ago years ago. Thats why they are elected to represent their constituents, and some of those play in our group.

  8. Nick ,
    your are right our one phone call was several years ago - my recollection was i called in response to your complaint that the Hanukah festival was using Caulfield park and you were concerned about potential damage, Neil

  9. Hi Neil,

    Sorry about the re-posts, it honestly wasnt my intention.

    Just to clarify the wording of your comments, and a few things you forgot to mention to your readers was, I never said we spoke more than once, I get the impression thats what your eluding too.

    My complaint with Hanukah in the park (which I attend almost every year with my family) was that our group was officially "kicked off" the park by Council with the reason being that our 5 a side game "will damage the ground".

    Thats phyically impossible to do with our runners, but the real complaint from us came when you then allowed a festival (Hanukah) with 10,000 people, semi-trailors, heavy machinery and amusement rides on the exact same oval you just kicked us off.

    I would think any resonable person would say we have a justified complaint, seems very hypocritical to us.

    I have the pictures of the damage the festival has caused, what is the address I should send the disk to so you can put them up for your bloggers to see first hand and they can judge for themselves?

  10. Hi Nick, i think ive given you a fair run on further issues unrelated to the blog posting ,
    regards Neil

  11. Hi Neil,

    Yes you have, thank you for that, its most appreciated.