Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elsternwick Childcare Centre- to close?

The Elsternwick Childcare Centre (ECC) at 469 Kooyong Rd has been providing quality childcare for the community for the past 22 years on a site leased from Alfred Health (who run the Caulfield hospital)

Alfred Health gave notice last year of its intention not to renew the lease arrangement beyond Xmas Eve 2011 and is currently participating in a review of its Kooyong Rd sites.

This potientially means the closure of one of our four council-run community childcare centres.

These centres play an important role in providing quality , local childcare and providing an excellent choice for many parents. With waiting lists and few vacancies for childcare places in this area any withdrawal of council services from this sector would compound an already growing problem.

I have been advocating strongly over the past six months that council should do everything it can to secure the centre's future and in October seconded the following motion

"In order to ensure the continuity of childcare in Elsternwick and align Elsternwick Children’s Centre with Council’s other long day care centres, Council seek the assistance of state government to use all means available to enable the land at 269 Kooyong Rd Elsternwick (lots 3 and 4) to continue to be used as a childcare centre as it has for the past 21 years"

The Save Local Childcare group formed as a response to this situation and have been very active in highlighting the importance of and campaigning for the centres future.

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