Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Climate Change Our Future (CCOF) organises Public Meeting

Climate change in our community

Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads. Admission by gold coin donation
THURSDAY 6 AUGUST 2009, 7.00pm

This will be a great informative night with some excellent renowned speakers including

David Karoly
Member IPCC Panel
Member Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
Professor, Earth Science School, Melbourne University

Andrew Lucas
Transition Towns
local solutions to climate change and peak oil

Steven Tang
Deputy Mayor Glen Eira Council

Presented by Climate Change Our Future, Glen Eira and Monash residents action group


  1. Neil, given that this is a local community group organisation, I wonder if you know whether CCOF had to pay for the use of the town hall, and if so, whether they received any 'discount' - especially since Tang is one of the speakers/panellists? I'm asking because I feel that local groups should not have to fork out huge fees in order to hold a forum/meeting.

  2. Not sure and I would agree with your sentiments.Being a not-for-profit local group I would be encouraging CCOF to apply prob thru a community grant for costs to be covered/waived.

  3. Neil, why even bother going to all the trouble of applying for grants, waiting months, etc. etc. Couldn't this simply become 'policy' in that criteria be established which permits local organisations/groups to book facilities and pay a nominal fee - if any fee at all. I imagine that the prospect of writing out a formal application/submission could be quite daunting and intimidating for many in our society. Why put these hurdles in front of people, when all it needs is a formal resolution at council decreeing this as 'policy'?

  4. That should be fascinating forum since Glen Eira administration focus is on planning by regulation and financial bottom line. Are we going to see a change in the administration focus to planning for future green environment and triple bottom line? Or is that too much to ask of the present administration and Council?

  5. Probably a big ask at present but will continue to advocate and work hard for change.

  6. re grants, thanks anonymous- i agree -will check first if this is indeed the only present process and if so add to list of changes needed!

  7. thanks for taking this on board Neil. I feel that small community groups are often disadvantaged by the large costs imposed by a council whose business should be to foster and encourage local participation in all facets of local government and community involvement.